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The AFP Rolls out New Athletic Ranking 52-Week Rolling Sytem

Nov 7, 2013

The AFP is constantly striving to improve the way freeskiing is ranked and presented to the world. Part of that is always looking to evolve and implement new measurements of the sport based on athlete’s feedback and input.

Something many athletes have been asking for and working with the AFP to find a solution to is the way an athlete’s athletic rank over a denoted period of time is determined.

So, new for the 2013-2014 season, the AFP has moved to a 52-week rolling system allowing for an athletes' results to hold value for a full 52 weeks until the score is bumped from consideration by a newer, higher score earned that year or a full 52 weeks, whichever comes first.

Previously, the AFP had reset the rankings each year in July. The problem here is that some top ranking athletes were not on the leader board until they competed in a full three events. If they didn’t compete in the first few events of the year, they were at a deficit to athletes who did.

“The new 52 week ranking system will be the most accurate way to look at results and determine who is always in the lead of the world tour,” says AFP founder and long-standing top halfpipe athlete Simon Dumont.

Matt Margetts, Canadian halfpipe team member agrees, “I think [the 52-week rolling system] is awesome and really smart. It's much more accurate, because when the rankings would reset under the previous system I felt the New Zealand events and city big airs would somewhat skew the system until there were more events with everyone competing in them. As a result, this new system will be much more accurate and do a better job of portraying athlete's consistency throughout the season.”

For more information on the ranking system and all things AFP, please contact Eric Zerrenner (eric@afpworldtour.com).

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