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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - September 16th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Sep 16, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

It's time for a short but sweet update on the AFP World Tour Rankings, as the second event of the 2014/2015 season, the Gold-ranked Toyota Hit Wonder, took place this past weekend in Thredbo, Australia. 

Because this was a Big Air-only event, it only affects the Big Air and Overall rankings, so without further ado, here's a look at the last shake up of the rankings we'll see for a while…

                        First place finisher Elias Ambuhl. Photo by Jordan Sell

Big Air

In Big Air, Swiss superstar Elias Ambuhl retains his position in 9th after taking top honors, while Canadian wonder kid Noah Morrison continues to hold down 4th after placing second. Rounding out the top three was one of the nicest guys in skiing (and on the planet), James 'Woodsy' Woods, who has made a quantum-style leap from 37th to 16th on the rankings, as has fourth place finisher Jonas Hunziker, who has jumped from 105th to 33rd, while Thomas Waddell has nudged himself two spots up, from 59th to 57th, after taking fifth. 

                Third place finisher James 'Woodsy' Woods. Photo by Jordan Sell


On the Men's Overall Rankings, the only significant changes to report as a result of the One Hit Wonder results are Ambuhl and Morrison each dropping one spot (to 23rd and 19th respectively), while Woods has risen 17, from 29th to 12th. 

This concludes our final update on the AFP World Tour Rankings for a few months, as the competition circuit and the competitors who participate on it will take a healthy breather before the next event on the 2014/2015 AFP World Tour, which takes place in November. Until then, enjoy the following action-packed video recap on all the madness that transpired during the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air.

The 2014 Toyota One Hit Wonder Top Three from One Hit Wonder Event on Vimeo.

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