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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - March 4th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 4, 2016

With one of the biggest events of the year, the inaugural and Platinum-Level X Games Oslo (Halfpipe & Big Air), in the books, in addition to the long-running and Bronze-Level Polish Freeski Open (Big Air), it’s time for yet another update on how the AFP World Tour Rankings have been affected…

X Games Oslo Men’s Halfpipe Podium: Alex Ferreira (2nd), Torin Yater-Wallace (1st), Gus Kenworthy (3rd). Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

Men’s Halfpipe

We’ll begin with Men’s Halfpipe, where to the enjoyment of all, Torin Yater-Wallace battled back from a year’s worth of serious injuries to acquire another gold medal at X Games, which has allowed him to ascend from 17th to 9th. Just behind him in second was the always consistent Alex Ferreira, which has bumped him one spot up into 4th, and rounding out the podium in third was Gus Kenworthy, which has put him in 5th. 

X Games Oslo Women’s Halfpipe Podium: Maddie Bowman (2nd), Cassie Sharpe (1st), Ayana Onozuka (3rd). Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

Women’s Halfpipe

On the ladies’ pipe front, Cassie Sharpe excitedly brought home her first X Games gold medal, which has moved her from 6th to 3rd, Maddie Bowman scored the silver to jump one spot up into 2nd, and Ayana Onozuka took the bronze to remain on top of the leader board in 1st. 

X Games Oslo Men’s Big Air Podium: Gus Kenworthy (3rd), Henrik Harlaut (1st), Fabian Bosch (2nd). Photo by Tristan Shu / ESPN Images

Men’s Big Air

In Men’s Big Air, Henrik Harlaut rose to the occasion once again to claim his third gold medal in X Games Big Air, which has brought him from 49th to 30th, while Fabian Bosch’s second place performance has moved him nine spots up from 10th to the top of the heap, overtaking the 1st place position from Vincent Gagnier. And in third, winning his fourth X Games medal of the winter, was Gus Kenworthy, which has caused him to climb 35 spots up the rankings, from 68th to 33rd. Meanwhile, at the Polish Freeski Open, Pontus Nordstrom picked up the win, which has moved him from 61st to 54th, Erik Lundmark took second to jump twenty spots up into 363rd, and Petter Ulsletten nabbed the third and final step on the podium to move from 318th to 299th. 

X Games Oslo Women’s Big Air Podium: Johanne Killi (2nd), Tiril Christiansen (1st), Emma Dahlstrom (3rd). Photo by Tristan Shu / ESPN Images

Women’s Big Air

And in Women’s Big Air (which the AFP officially established rankings for at the beginning of this season), we have a new leader, as Tiril Christiansen ruled the day at X Games Oslo to jump from 9th to 1st, while Johanne Killi is up from 10th to 2nd after her second place finish, and Emma Dahlstrom took third to ascend from 11th to 4th. 


Last but not least, on the Overall Rankings, the only significant change to report on the men’s side of things is Torin Yater-Wallace moving from 17th to 9th, while amongst the ladies, Cassie Sharpe has jumped from 5th to 3rd, Ayana Onozuka is two spots up into 5th, and Maddie Bowman is up three into 6th.

That’s all for now on the AFP World Tour Rankings, but stay tuned for another update next week following the conclusion of the Freeski World Cup Corvatsch, Excellent Soliders and a number of other events.

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