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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - March 4th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 4, 2015

With the AFP World Tour Finals in Whistler, B.C. just over a month away (stay tuned tomorrow for some big news on the event), the 2015 AFP World Tour is continuing to heat up, with six events taking place over the course of the last week: the Bronze-ranked Finnish Open in at Sappee Snow Park, Finland (Slopestyle), the EastFree Tour Championships at Sugarloaf, Vermont (Slopestyle), the Volkl Super Slope in Hakuba, Japan (Slopestyle) and the first stop of The North Face Summit Tour at Val St. Come, Quebec (Slopestyle), along with the Platinum-ranked USSA Grand Prix in Park City, Utah (Slopestyle & Halfpipe) and the SFR Freestyle Tour Slopestyle Finals at La Clusaz, France. Here's a look at how these events shook up the AFP World Tour Rankings…

SFR Freestyle Tour Men's Slopestyle Finals Podium: Gus Kenworthy (2nd), McRae Williams (1st), Alex Bellemare (3rd). Photo courtesy of SFR Freestyle Tour

Men's Slopestyle

All six events consisted of slopestyle, where on the Men's side of things, McRae Williams, Gus Kenworthy and Alex Bellemare continue to hold down 2nd, 1st and 3rd respectively in a tight race on the Men's Slopestyle Rankings after placing first, second and third at the SFR Tour, while Joss Christensen took the top spot at the USSA Grand Prix to bump himself 24 spots up (from 40th to 16th) as McRae Williams and Gus Kenworthy rounded out the podium in second and third. Also worth noting is Bobby Brown jumping from 11th to 4th after taking eighth at the Grand Prix, and James 'Woodsy' Woods making a significant leap from 27th to 8th after placing seventh at the Grand Prix and fourth at the SFR Tour. 

USSA Grand Prix Men's Slopestyle Podium: McRae Williams (2nd), Joss Christensen (1st), Gus Kenworthy (3rd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

At The North Face Summit Tour, Gabriel Boudreau is now 218th after claiming victory, Mathieu Langevin has crept into the top 100 in 90th thanks to taking second, and Justin Deschenes-Lemieux remains in 523rd after scoring third. On the other side of the world at the Volkl Super Slope in Japan, Gen Sasaki picked up the win to move into 106th, Eigo Higuchi's second place showing has moved him into 175th, and Yuki Sato is just behind him in 185th after taking third. At the EastFree Tour Championships, first place finisher Jake Prichard is now in 310th, Toby Skarsten is in 512th after placing second, and Tucker Addison is in 162nd thanks to his third place performance. Finally, at the Finnish Open, Henri Mustonen is now 147th thanks to his win, Sami Sakkinen is up a whopping 339 spots into 140th after placing 2nd (which was complemented by finishing 4th at the U.S. Grand Prix), and Aleksi Patja has cracked the top 30 by ascending four spots into 28th after taking third. 

SFR Freestyle Tour Women's Slopestyle Finals Podium: Guilia Tanno (2nd), Kelly Sildaru (1st), Yuki Tsubota (3rd). Photo courtesy of SFR Freestyle Tour

Women's Slopestyle

In Women's Slopestyle, Kelly Sildaru scored her fifth consecutive slopestyle victory of the season at the SFR Freestyle Tour Slopestyle Finals to remain in second behind current leader Anouk Purnelle-Faniel (who placed fourth at the Grand Prix and ninth at SFR), Guilia Tanno is up two spots into 7th after placing second, and Yuki Tsubota's third place performance has allowed her to leap frog from 42nd to 13th. At the USSA Grand Prix, X Games gold medalist Emma Dahlstrom picked up her second Platinum-ranked victory of the season, which has allowed her to jump from 5th to 3rd, second place finisher Devin Logan has climbed 12 spots up the ladder into 20th, and former X Games gold medalist Tiril Christiansen made her return to the competition scene count and then some by taking third, which keeps her in 61st. 

USSA Grand Prix Women's Slopestyle Podium: Devin Logan (2nd), Emma Dahlstrom (1st), Tiril Christiansen (3rd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

At The North Face Summit Tour, Rachael Karker took home the win, which has moved her from 39th to 30th, Sofia Tchernetsky is up 13 spots into 45th after scoring second, and Marilou Bouthiette is now in 132nd after taking third. At the Volkl Super Slope, there was only one female competitor, Nanaho Kiriyama, who remains in 121st, while at the Finnish Open, Vilma Warpenius, Wilma Lofgren and Silja Raisanen are on the board in 120th, 128th and 134th respectively, after placing first, second and third.

USSA Grand Prix Men's Halfpipe Podium: Kevin Rolland (2nd), Gus Kenworthy (1st), David Wise (3rd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Men's Halfpipe

The only event that consisted of halfpipe was the USSA Grand Prix, where Gus Kenworthy continued his impressive multifaceted season by taking top honors, which has moved him from 11th to 3rd, while Kevin Rolland placed second to drop a spot into second (due to previous results dropping off as a result of the 52-week rolling system), and David Wise is your new leader in 1st after taking the the third and final step on the podium. Also worth noting is Justin Dorey jumping from 28th to 17th after just missing the podium in fourth.

USSA Grand Prix Women's Halfpipe Podium: Sabrina Cakmakli (2nd), Ayana Onozuka (1st), Janina Kuzma (3rd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Women's Halfpipe

In Women's Halfpipe, Ayana Onozuka is up three spots, from 10th to 7th, after picking up her first victory of the season, Sabrina Cakmakli continues to creep up the rankings from 31st to 18th thanks to landing in second, and Janina Kuzma has overtaken the lead on the Women's Halfpipe Rankings from Annalisa Drew by finishing in third.

Men's Overall

On the Men's Overall Rankings, Gus Kenworthy has widened his lead thanks to his podium performances in slopestyle at the Grand Prix and SFR Tour and victory in halfpipe at the Grand Prix, while Jossi Wells has overtaken 2nd after pulling double duty at the same event, and Torin Yater-Wallace has jumped nine spots up, from 12th to 3rd, as a result of placing eighth at the Grand Prix. 

Women's Overall

On the ladies' side of things, Devin Logan has ascended seven spots to become your new leader after placing second in slopestyle and fourth in halfpipe at the Grand Prix, causing Jamie-Crane Mauzy and Cassie Sharpe to drop a spot each into 2nd and 3rd, respectively, and Sabrina Cakmakli is up two spots into 4th. 

Stay tuned for another update on the 2015 AFP World Tour Rankings, as the Gold-ranked Canadian Open Championships and Platinum-ranked SFR Tour Halfpipe Finals are about to go down.

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