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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - March 17th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 17, 2016

With a gaggle of major events having taken place over the course of the past week, it’s time for one of the most robust and significant updates of the season on the AFP World Tour Rankings as the winter approaches its end. 

On the docket for this update are the following events: The back-to-back Silver-Level U.S. Revolution Tour stops (Slopestyle) at Mammoth Mountain, California, the Silver-Level FIS NorAm (Slopestyle) at Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario, the Silver-Level Canadian Open Tour stop (Halfpipe & Slopestyle) at Stoneham, Quebec, the Gold-Level Excelent Soliders (Big Air) in the Czech Republic, the Gold-Level European Freeski Open (Slopestyle) in Laax, Switzerland, the Platinum-Level Freeski World Cup Corvatsch (Slopestyle) in Silvaplana, Switzerland, and the Platinum-Level SFR Freestyle Tour Finals (Halfpipe) in Tignes, France. 

SFR Freestyle Tour Halfpipe Finals Men’s Podium: Lyman Currier (2nd), Kevin Rolland (1st), Ben Valentin (3rd). Photo courtesy of SFR Freestyle Tour

Men’s Halfpipe

We’ll begin with Men’s Halfpipe, where there are two events to report on, the SFR Freestyle Tour Halfpipe Finals and Canadian Open Tour. At the SFR Freestyle Tour, Kevin Rolland walked away with another win, which has allowed him to maintain his position atop the leader board, while Lyman Currier has bumped himself two spots up into 6th after finishing second, and Ben Valentin nabbed the number three spot to remain in 3rd. At the Canadian Open Tour, Evan Marineau emerged victorious to move four spots up into 36th, Ryan Malone is now in 28th after scoring second, and Brayden Tritter is 12 spots up into 39th thanks to taking third. 

SFR Freestyle Tour Halfpipe Finals Women’s Podium: Annalisa Drew (2nd), Maddie Bowman (1st), Marie Martinod (3rd). Photo courtesy of SFR Freestyle Tour

Women’s Halfpipe

In Women’s Halfpipe, Maddie Bowman has overtaken the lead from Ayana Onozuka (who is now in 2nd) after picking up the win at the SFR Freestyle Tour, Annalisa Drew is up two spots into 3rd after landing in second, and Marie Martinod rounded out the podium in third to hop one spot up into 7th. At the Canadian Open Tour, Rachael Karker is now in 13th as a result of her win, Rachael Anderson is up 14 spots into 29th after finishing second, and Mackenzie Wilson is in 17th thanks to her third place showing. 

Men’s Slopestyle

On the Men’s Slopestyle front, get ready for a big one, beginning with the back-to-back U.S. Revolution Tour stops at Mammoth, where Aaron Milligan and Cody Cirillo’s wins put them in 67th and 25th, while second place stallions Ryan McElmon and Levi Ascher move them to 62nd and 104th, and third place finishers Hunter Hess and Nico Porteous are now in 66th and 95th. 

At the Mount St. Louis FIS NorAm, Max Moffatt scored his second NorAm podium in a row with a win to move two spots up into 38th, Mark Hendrickson is up a whopping 22 spots into 52nd thanks to his second place finish (along with his win at the Canadian Open Tour), and wonder kid Riley Culver is one spot up into 24th after taking third. 

At the Canadian Open Tour stop at Stoneham, the aforementioned Mark Hendrickson topped the field, while Brayden Tritter scored second to move six spots up into 56th, and Duncan Milne took third to make a more than respectable leap of 36 spots into 85th. 

European Freeski Open Men’s Podium: Felix Stridsberg-Usterud (2nd), Gus Kenworthy (1st), James Woods (3rd). Photo courtesy of European Freeski Open

Across the pond at the European Freeski Open, Gus Kenworthy continued quite possibly his most impressive season yet by climbing 26 spots up the ladder into 9th following his victory, Felix Stridsberg-Usterud skied his way to second to remain in 15th, and James ‘Woodsy’ Woods stays in 3rd after finding the final step on the podium. 

Freeski World Cup Corvatsch Men’s Podium: Fabian Bosch (2nd), Andri Ragettli (1st), Oystein Braten (3rd). Photo courtesy of Freeski World Cup Corvatsch

And last but certainly not least, at the Freeski World Cup Corvatsch, Andri Ragettli topped an incredibly impressive field to stay in 7th, Fabian Bosch’s breakout season continued with a second place showing, which has moved him one spot up into 8th, and in third was Oystein Braten, who has overtaken the top spot from Jossi Wells (who is now in 2nd), proving that the race for the AFP Men's Slopestyle Champion title is still very much on.

Women’s Slopestyle

In Women’s Slopestyle, Nadia Gonzales and Caroline Clare took top honors at the back-to-back U.S. Revolution Tour stops, which has placed them in 11th and 23rd, second place finishers Marin Hamill and Taylor Lundquist are now in 27th and 14th, and the aforementioned Caroline Clare and Marin Hamill pulled off double podiums by taking third in the first and second events, respectively. 

At the Mount St. Louis FIS NorAm, Rachael Anderson stood on her second podium of the week with a win to move into 48th, rising star Elena Gaskell is now in 22nd after scoring second at both the FIS NorAm and the Canadian Open Tour, and Emma Stevens is now in 25th after rounding out the podium in third at both events. 

At the Canadian Open Tour stop at Stoneham, Anouk Purnelle-Faniel picked up her first win of the year to end up in 101st, while as previously mentioned, Elena Gaskell and Emma Stevens finished second and third. 

European Freeski Open Women’s Podium: Keri Herman (2nd), Kelly Sildaru (1st), Emma Dahlstrom (3rd). Photo courtesy of European Freeski Open

At the European Freeski Open, Kelly Sildaru continued her virtually flawless season with yet another win, which has put her in 2nd just behind Tiril Christiansen on the rankings (the race is on here as well). In second was the veteran Keri Herman, who is five spots up into 8th, while Emma Dahlstrom has been bumped down one spot into 3rd by Sildaru after taking third.

Freeski World Cup Corvatsch Men’s Podium: Giulia Tanno (2nd), Emma Dahlstrom (1st), Maggie Voisin (3rd). Photo courtesy of Freeski World Cup Corvatsch

And at the Freeski World Cup Corvatsch, Emma Dahlstrom notched another win in her belt, while Giulia Tanno scored second to remain in 5th, and Maggie Voisin stood on her first podium of the season to move into 44th. 

Excellent Soldiers Podium: Taylor Wilson (4th), Viktor Moosmann (3rd), Teal Harle (2nd), John Brown (1st). Photo courtesy of Excelent Soldiers

Men’s Big Air

And in Men’s Big, there is only one event to report on, Excelent Soldiers, where John Brown damn near came out of nowhere to score the win, which keeps him in 67th, while Teal Harle stays in 14th after scoring second, and Viktor Moosmann is now in 37th thanks to taking third. 


On the Men’s Overall Rankings, the only significant changes to report in the top 30 are Lukas Muellauer jumping from 21st to 14th and Broby Leeds ascending from 33rd to 27th, while on Women’s Overall Rankings, Rachael Anderson is up five spots into 10th, Carly Lavielle is up 11 into 6th, Elena Gaskell is up 18 into 13th, Marie Martinod is up three into 20th, and Dillan Glennie is up 18 into 23rd. 

That does it for now on the AFP World Tour Rankings, but stay tuned for another update next week following the conclusion of The Carinthia Open, Absolut Parl Spring Battle, and the last Platinum-Level event of the season, the SFR Freestyle Tour Slopestyle Finals.

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