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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - January 26th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Jan 26, 2016

With the biggest event of the season, X Games, set to begin on Thursday in Aspen, Colorado, it’s time our latest update on the 2016 AFP World Tour Rankings. 

Over the course of the past few weeks, a trio of key events have gone down in the lead up to X, including the first stop of the Silver-Level Canadian Open Tour (Slopestyle) in Whistler, B.C., the first stop of the Gold-Level SFR Freestyle Tour (Slopestyle) at Val Thorens, France, and the first of three Platinum-Level U.S. Grand Prix’s (Slopestyle & Halfpipe) at Mammoth Mountain, California. Here’s a look at how they affected the AFP World Tour Rankings…

U.S. Grand Prix Men's Slopestyle Podium: Oystein Braten (3rd), Joss Christensen (1st), McRae Williams (2nd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Men’s Slopestyle

In Men’s Slopestyle, Joss Christensen picked up the win at the U.S. Grand Prix to remain on top of the leader board, while McRae Williams has jumped from 5th to 2nd after finishing second and Oystein Braten is up one spot into 5th after rounding out the podium in third. Across the pond at the SFR Freestyle Tour, Andri Ragettli took the top spot, which keeps him in 11th, Fabian Bosch is now in 36th after placing second, and Oscar Wester is down a spot into 13th after taking third. And at the Canadian Open Tour, Matthew Wilcox is on the board in 379th thanks to his victory, while Taylor Wilson is up one spot into 34th and Brayden Tritter is up 47 into 80th after finishing second and third, respectively. Other notable movements include Russ Henshaw making a significant leap of nine spots, from 16th to 7th, and Elias Ambuhl leap frogging from 14th to 10th, thanks to their 4th and 7th place performances at the U.S. Grand Prix. 

U.S. Grand Prix Women's Slopestyle Podium: Emma Dahlstrom (3rd), Yuki Tsubota (1st), Giulia Tanno (2nd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Women’s Slopestyle

In Women’s Slopestyle, we have a new leader, as Yuki Tsubota’s victory at the U.S. Grand Prix has propelled her from 4th to 1st, while Giulia Tanno is up one spot into 5th thanks to finishing second at the Grand Prix and third at the SFR Tour, and Emma Dahlstrom is down three spots into 4th after taking third at the Grand Prix and as a result of her victory at last year’s X Games dropping off the rankings due to the 52-week rolling system. At the SFR Freestyle Tour, Kelly Sildaru continued her dominant season by claiming yet another victory, which has bumped her from 5th to 3rd, while second place finisher Isabel Atkin has jumped from 11th to 9th. And at the Canadian Open Tour, Elena Gaskell is up four spots into 26th, Megan Cressey is up 18 into 31st, and Sofia Tchernetsky is up eight into 27th after finishing first, second and third, respectively. 

U.S. Grand Prix Men's Halfpipe Podium: Aaron Blunck (3rd), Gus Kenworthy (1st), David Wise (2nd... not pictured). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Men’s Halfpipe

On the halfpipe front, men’s finals at the U.S. Grand Prix were unfortunately cancelled due to inclement weather, which forced the organizers to take the results from qualifiers as the final results. On the men’s side of things, Gus Kenworthy was crowned as the winner, which has allowed him to crack the top three from 5th, while David Wise’s second place finish has caused him to overtake the lead from Kevin Rolland (who is now in 2nd) in their continuous see-saw battle, and Aaron Blunck is up seven spots, from 15th to 8th, after rounding out the podium in third. 

U.S. Grand Prix Women's Halfpipe Podium: Janina Kuzma (3rd), Ayana Onozuka (1st), Devin Logan (2nd). Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing

Women’s Halfpipe

On the ladies’ side of things, finals were able to take place at the Grand Prix, but due to the aforementioned inclement weather, only one run was able to be held, with those scores counting as the final results. In first place was Ayana Onozuka, which helps her remain at the top of the rankings, while second and third place finishers Devin Logan and Janina Kuzma have traded places, with Logan now in 2nd and Kuzma now in 3rd. 


On the Men’s Overall Rankings, there have been some slight movements in the top 10, including Beau-James Wells nudging himself from 3rd to 2nd, Aaron Blunck jumping from 7th to 3rd, Colby Stevenson moving one spot up into 8th, and Joss Christensen cracking the top 10 from 13th. And last but not least, on the Women’s Overall Rankings, Kelly Sildaru is now in the top 3 in 3rd, Rachael Karker is up one spot into 4th, Ayana Onozuka is up three spots into 7th, Paul Cooper is up one spot into 8th, Yuki Tsubota is up eight spots into 9th, and Tiril Christiansen has cracked the top 10 from 12th. 

That’s all for the AFP World Tour Rankings for now, but be sure to keep your eyes glued to this week’s X Games to see what goes down and how it will certainly affect the AFP World Tour Rankings.

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