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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - December 22nd

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Dec 22, 2014

With a trio of events taking place over the course of the last week, it's time once again for another update on the AFP World Tour Rankings. 

On the docket this past week were the Bronze-ranked NOR Freeski Cup (Big Air) at Skeikampen, Norway, the first stop of the Bronze-ranked USASA Rocky Mountain Series (Halfpipe) at Copper Mountain, Colorado, and the Silver-ranked USSA Revolution Tour (Halfpipe and Slopestyle), which also took place at Copper Mountain. Here's a look at how they shook up the rankings…

Colby Stevenson (2nd), Kyle Smaine (1st), Beau James Wells (3rd) at the USSA Revolution Tour.

Men's Halfpipe

In Men's Halfpipe, Kyle Smaine took home the bacon at the USSA Revolution Tour, which has bumped him up a spot into 21st, while second place finisher Colby Stevenson has moved from 76th to 46th, and the always stylish Beau-James Wells is up from 25th to 23rd after scoring the third and final step on the podium. At the USASA Rocky Mountain Series, Nico Porteous is on the board in 101st following his win, Jaxin Hoerter has jumped from 90th to 65th after placing second, and Zach Fedrizzi is up four spots, from 35th to 31st, after landing third. Beyond that, and throughout the rankings, note that there have been some general (and mild) fluctuations due to the 52-week rolling system as a result of there being less events this year than last. 

Janina Kuzma (2nd), Annalisa Drew (1st), Anais Caradeux (3rd) at the USSA Revolution Tour.

Women's Halfpipe

On the Women's Halfpipe side of things, Annalisa Drew scored her second podium of the season by winning the USSA Revolution Tour, which has allowed her to ascend from 5th to 4th, while Janina Kuzma jumps one spot up as well, from 13th to 12th, after taking second, and third place finisher Anais Caradeux is up two spots, from 7th to 5th. Also worth noting is Zyre Austin moving from 11th to 8th after placing fourth, and Jeanee Crane-Mauzy rounding out the top five to crack the top 10 from her previous 14th place position. At the USASA Rocky Mountain Series, Allison Welsh picked up the win, which has moved her from 66th to 46th, Isabelle Hansen has taken three steps up the ladder, from 20th to 17th, after finishing second, while Brittany Hawes remains in 67th after scoring third. 

Eddie Gildea (2nd), Tim Ryan (1st), Colby Stevenson (3rd) at the USSA Revolution Tour.

Men's Slopestyle

In Men's Slopestyle, Tim Ryan's victory at the USSA Revolution Tour has bumped him from 42nd to 36th, second place finisher Eddie Gildea is up 17 spots, from 67th to 50th, and Colby Stevenson is up four, from 28th to 24th, after rounding out the podium in third. Just off the podium in fourth was Kristaps Thompson, who is four spots up as well in 37th, and Beau-James Wells took fifth to rise 13 spots, from 81st to 68th. 

Nadia Gonzales (2nd), Johanne Killi (1st), Darian Stevens (3rd) at the USSA Revolution Tour.

Women's Slopestyle

Amongst the ladies, Johanne Killi has made a significant leap from 75th to 48th after claiming victory at the USSA Revolution Tour, while Nadia Gonzales' second place finish moves her from 13th to 10th, Darian Stevens hops one spot up from 9th to 8th after taking third, and Emma Dahlston (fresh off her podium appearance at Dew Tour) has moved from 12th to 9th after finishing fourth. 

Big Air

And in Big Air, Daniel Antell, Vebjorn Svorkmo and Henning Hansen Pytte remain in 50th, 97th and 39th, respectively, after placing first, second and third at the NOR Freeski Cup. 


In the Men's Overall Rankings, there are no major changes to report in the top 20, although Colby Stevenson's double podium at the USSA Revolution Tour has bumped him two spots up, from 23rd to 21st, while on the Women's Overall Rankings, Rachael Anderson is up two spots, from 10th to 8th, Julia Krass is up seven, from 16th to 9th, Molly Summerhayes is up 23, from 35th to 12th, and Darian Stevens is up 10, from 24th to 14th. 

That does it for now from the AFP World Tour, but stay tuned for more updates when 2015 kicks off with a bang via the first stop of the Gold-ranked SFR Tour and the second stop of the bronze-ranked USASA Rocky Mountain Series. On behalf of everyone at the Association of Freeskiing Professionals, we hope that you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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