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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - April 15th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Apr 15, 2016

After a hard-fought and fun-filled winter, it’s time for the last update on the AFP World Tour Rankings prior to the announcement of this year’s AFP World Tour Champions, which we’ll be revealing right here on afpworldtour.com early next week following the conclusion of the final event on this season’s AFP World Tour, the Gold-Level Fridge Festival Big Air. 

In the meantime, there are three events that took place over the course of the last week to report on, including the Silver-Level USASA Nationals (Slopestyle & Halfpipe) at Copper Mountain, Colorado, the Bronze-Level Nor Freeski Cup (Slopestyle) at Hemsedal, Norway, and the Bronze-Level Nor Freeski Championships at Hovden, Norway. Here’s a look at how they shook up the rankings…

Men’s Slopestyle

We’ll begin with Men’s Slopestyle, where at the USASA Nationals, Finn Bilous picked up his second slopestyle win of the season, which keeps him in 41st, while Ethan Swadburg scored his fourth podium of the year to stay in 38th, and Cody Laplante rounded out the podium in third to maintain his position in 98th. 

At the Nor Freeski Cup, Christian Nummedal’s win has bumped him 10 spots up into 47th, Ferdinand Dahl is now in 97th following his second place finish, and Markus Leyobo remains in 160th thanks to taking third. 

And at the Nor Freeski Championships, Robert Andre Ruud is up 21 spots into 121st as a result of his victory, the always impressive Johan Berg scored second to move seven spots up into 51st, and third place finisher Birk Ruud is up six spots into 76th. 

Women’s Slopestyle

In Women’s Slopestyle, Svea Irving stays in 46th following her win at USASA Nationals, Shannon Vanderwerken is in 70th after her second place showing, and Bryanna Deschamps remains in 105th thanks to finishing third. 

At the Nor Freeski Cup, Tora Johansen’s victory has nudged her one spot up into 57th, Marina Johansen landed just behind her in second to hop one spot up into 55th, and Sandra Eie is up two spots into 29th after the third and final step on the podium. 

And at the Nor Freeski Championships, Tiril Christiansen reigned supreme and remains in 2nd behind Kelly Sildaru, the aforementioned Tora Johansen scored second, and Elvira Marie Ros is up four into 39th thanks to taking third. 

Men’s Halfpipe

In Halfpipe, there is one event to report on, the USASA Nationals, where Finn Bilous made it two-for-two to move into 28th, while Sammy Schuiling is now in 41st after scoring second, and third place finisher Hunter Hess has made his way into 20th. 

Women’s Halfpipe

In Women’s Halfpipe, Carly Margulies capped off an incredible season with her third victory in a row, which has moved her into 17th, Svea Irving scored her impressive 11th podium appearance of the season in second, which has put her in 23rd, and Sierra Bowman is now in 26th after rounding out the podium in third. 

Men’s Big Air

Like Halfpipe, there is only one event to report on in Big Air, the Nor Freeski Championships, where on the men’s side of things, Christian Nummedal claimed another victory, to move 22 spots up into 42nd, Eirik Saeteroy is up two into 45th as a result of his second place performance, and Felix Stridsberg-Usterud continued his late season hot streak with a third place finish, which has moved him two spots up into 15th. 

Women’s Big Air

In Women’s Big Air, Tiril Christiansen also made it two-for-two, which keeps her on top of the leader board, Tora Johansen scored her third podium of the week to move six spots up into 21st, and Marina Johansen rounded out the podium in third to bump herself six spots up as well, into 22nd. 

Men’s Overall

On the Men’s Overall Rankings, Gus Kenworthy, Beau-James Wells and Taylor Wilson remain in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively, and beyond that, there have been a number of general fluctuations in the top 20 as a result of the 52-week rolling system (namely due to last year’s AFP World Tour Finals results dropping off) that we strongly suggest you check out, while as a result of last week’s events, the only change to report is Felix Stridsberg-Usterud ascending two spots into 13th thanks to his performance at the Nor Freeski Championships. 

Women’s Overall

And last but certainly not least, on the Women’s Overall Rankings, Tiril Christiansen is two spots up into 10th as a result of her dual victories at the Nor Freeski Championships and Carly Margulies is now in 17th, while much like the Men’s Overall Rankings, there have been some significant movements as a result of the 52-week rolling system, highlighted by Rachael Karker and Rachael Anderson both moving one spot up, into 2nd and 3rd respectively, while Devin Logan continues to hold down a commanding lead in 1st. 

That does it for this year’s AFP World Tour Rankings Updates, but stay tuned with baited breath for next week, when we'll proudly announce the 2016 AFP World Tour Champions!

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