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AFP World Tour Rankings Update - April 1

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Apr 1, 2015

With the AFP World Tour Finals set to begin in a little over a week at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, B.C., it's time for a look at how the last few events on the 2015 AFP World Tour have affected the AFP World Tour Rankings.

This week there are five events to report on, including the Platinum-ranked Dumont Cup at Sunday River, Maine (Slopestyle), Silver-ranked Dew Tour AM Series at Sun Peaks, B.C. (Slopestyle), the Canadian Open Tour Showdown at Silver Star, B.C. (Slopestyle), the third and final stop of The North Face Summit Freeski Tour at Le Relais, Quebec (Slopestyle), and the Bronze-ranked U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships at Park City, Utah (Slopestyle, Halfpipe & Big Air). Here's how they impacted the rankings…

Men's Slopestyle

We'll start with Men's Slopestyle, as all five events consisted of this discipline. At The Dumont Cup, Bobby Brown emerged victorious, which has allowed him to overtake the 2nd place spot from McRae Williams by a mere 11 points (which will make AFP World Tour Finals all the more interesting). In second was Teal Harle, who's breakout season continued with his biggest result yet, and has allowed him to jump from 32nd to 20th, while James 'Woodsy' Woods rounded out the podium in third and has moved from 6th to 4th on the Men's Slopestyle Rankings. Also worth noting is Riley Culver (who's also been on a late season hot streak) leap frogging from 28th to 18th after just missing the podium in fourth.

Dumont Cup Podium: James Woods (3rd), Bobby Brown (1st), Teal Harle (2nd)

At the Dew Tour AM Series, all-around slayer Kieran Nikula claimed victory on home turf at his first event of the season to get on the board in 373rd, Patrick Dew scored second to move from 65th to 51st, and Brendan MacKay is up 66 spots in to 69th after nabbing the third and final step on the podium. Just down the road from Sun Peaks the Canadian Open Tour Showdown went off at Silver Star, where the aforementioned Brendan McKay topped the field with Patrick Dew in second, while Brayden Tritter is up 52 spots in to 159th after taking third.

Dew Tour AM Series Men's Slopestyle Podium: Brendan MacKay (3rd), Kieran Nikula (1st), Patrick Dew (2nd)

Meanwhile, on the other side of The Great White North, Gabriel Boudreau claimed victory once again at the third and final stop of The North Face Summit Freeski Tour, which has nudged him three spots up into 152nd, former X Games gold medalist and the legend himself Charles Gagnier stepped back into the competition scene to get on the board in 389th thanks to his second place performance, and good ol' Frank GP is up seven spots in to 189th after scoring third.

The North Face Summit Freeski Tour Men's Slopestyle Podium: Charles Gagnier (2nd), Gabriel Boudreau (1st), Frank GP (3rd)

Last but not least, at the U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships, Griffin Rasmussen picked up the win and has moved from 239th to 156th, Quin Wolferman was just behind him in second, which has bumped him 10 spots up into 129th, and Alex Breda is up 108 in to 203rd after taking third.

Women's Slopestyle

In Women's Slopestyle, Elena Gaskell had a big couple of days by winning both the Dew Tour AM Series and Canadian Open Tour Showdown, which has rewarded her with a 17-spot ascent, from 52nd to 35th, Rachael Karker is up six spots, from 26th to 20th, after placing second at the Dew Tour AM Series, and Emma Stevens is up three, from 25th to 22nd, thanks to scoring third, while the Cressey sisters (Bryana and Megan) took the final two steps on the podium at the Canadian Open Tour Showdown, which puts them in 46th and 64th respectively.

Dew Tour AM Series Women's Slopestyle Podium: Emma Stevens (3rd), Elena Gaskell (1st), Rachael Karker (2nd)

In addition to her podium appearance at the Dew Tour AM Series, the aforementioned Emma Stevens picked up the win on the other side of the country at The North Face Summit Freeski Tour, while Florence Theriault is now in 101st after scoring second, and Anabelle Sansterre is on the board in 104th after taking third.

The North Face Summit Freeski Tour Women's Slopestyle Podium: Florence Theriault (2nd), Emma Stevens (1st), Anabelle Sansterre (3rd)

Meanwhile, at the U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships, Marin Hamill is up one spot in to 79th after claiming her first slopestyle win of the season, Rell Harwood is up a spot as well in to 80th after finishing second, and Ashton Glass is up four in to 57th thanks to placing third.

Men's Halfpipe

In Men's Halfpipe, there is only one event to report on, the U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships, where Jaxin Hoerter emerged victorious, which keeps him in 20th, while Hunter Hess and Andrew Tierney remain in 40th and 41st after taking second and third.

Women's Halfpipe

Likewise, in Women's Halfpipe, there is only the U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships to touch on, where Marin Hamill made it two-for-two by picking up the win, which keeps her in 47th, while Carson Campisi and Zoe Atkin stay in 31st and 51st after finishing second and third.

Big Air

In Big Air, Scott Mclaughlin, Cody LaPlante and Sam Jackenthal remain in 124th, 133rd and 28th, respectively, after placing first, second and third at the U.S. Freeskiing Junior National Championships, which also hosted the fourth Women's Big Air event of the season, which Zoe Atkin won with Hanna Blackwell in second and Marisa Fat in third. As previously mentioned, while there are currently no Women's Big Air Rankings due to a lack of events, the AFP is keeping a running tally on Women's Big Air results this season and will be giving special mention to the top female big air competitor at the AFP Awards Dinner during AFP World Tour Finals as we look at establishing Women's Big Air Rankings for next winter.

Men's Overall

On the Men's Overall Rankings, there are some significant changes to report on, as while Gus Kenworthy still holds a commanding lead with Jossi Wells in second, Aaron Blunck has jumped from 12th to 3rd after placing 22nd at The Dumont Cup, Teal Harle is up seven spots in to 4th after scoring second at the latter, and Riley Culver is up five in to 5th after taking fourth.

Women's Overall

Amongst the ladies, Devin Logan, Jamie Crane-Mauzy and Sabrina Cakmakli continue to hold down the top three spots, while Kelly Sildaru and Rachael Karker have ascended to 4th and 5th respectively, which once again, should make for quite the show at next weekend's AFP World Tour Finals in Whistler.

Who will be crowned 2015 AFP World Champions? Find out next weekend in Whistler!

That's all for now from the Association of Freeskiing Professionals, but stay tuned for another update early to mid-next week on the final events before AFP World Tour Finals kick off, including Total Fight, the Jon Olsson Invitational and the Canadian Junior Freestyle Championships. 

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