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AFP World Rankings Update - March 19th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 19, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

It's time for yet another massive update on the AFP World Rankings, as now that the Olympic gold dust has finally settled, the 2013/2014 competition season has picked up right where it left off with only one month to go on the AFP World Tour.

Over the course of the past week, a whopping six events took place, including the Platinum-ranked SFR Tour Slopestyle Finals in La Clusaz, France, the Gold-ranked final stop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series at Heavenly, California, the Gold-ranked Snowcrown Festival at Blue Mountain, Ontario, the second annual Silver-ranked Asia Open at Getoukogen Ski Area in Japan, the long-running Bronze-ranked Carinthia Freeski Open at Mount Snow Vermont, and the Bronze-ranked Golden Crown OFR at Saint-Bruno, Quebec. 

Aaron McKay (2nd), Simon d'Artois (1st), Matt Crawford (3rd) at the Snowcrown Festival at Blue Mountain, Ontario. Photo by Richard Roth / Snowcrown

Men's Halfpipe

Amidst all of the events, only the Snowcrown Festival consisted of Halfpipe, where Simon d'Artois (who has been on an absolutely roll this season) claimed victory, which allowed him to jump two spots up into the top 10 in 10th, while second place finisher Aaron McKay has moved from 56th to 36th and Matt Crawford remains in 105th after taking third.

Megan Warrener (2nd), Cassie Sharpe (1st), Rachael Anderson (3rd) at the Snowcrown Festival at Blue Mountain, Ontario. Photo by Richard Roth / Snowcrown

Women's Halfpipe

In Women's Halfpipe, Cassie Sharpe picked up another win, which has bumped her from 23rd to 22nd, Megan Warrener remains in 24th after placing second, and Rachael Anderson is up three spots, from 47th to 44th, after rounding out the podium in third.

Alex Bellemare (4th), Gus Kenworthy (2nd), Oscar Wester (1st), McRae Williams (3rd), Vincent Gagnier (5th), Evan McEachran (6th) at the SFR Tour Slopestyle Finals in La Clusaz, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Men's Slopestyle

In Men's Slopestyle, there's a ton to report, as Oscar Wester is now sitting in 11th after his win at the SFR Tour, while Gus Kenworthy and McRae Williams' results mirror their placements on the rankings, as they remain in 2nd and 3rd respectively. At The North Face Park and Pipe Open, Scott Nelson picked up the win, which allows him to jump from 78th to 52nd, Carson Lehouillier makes a significant leap of 58 spots, from 143rd to 85th, after placing second, and Jonah Williams makes a lengthy climb up the ladder as well, from 344th to 145th, thanks to his third place performance. At Snowcrown, rising star Evan McEachran, fresh off an impressive performance at the SFR Tour in Europe, made the trek back to his home turf to stand atop the podium, which bumps him from 20th to 17th, while young gun Max Moffatt is up 98 spots, from 214th to 116th, after placing second, and veteran competitor Matt Wilcox, who is always a joy to watch ski, jumps 11 spots, from 56th to 45th, after claiming the third and final step on the box. Meanwhile, in the Land of The Rising Sun, Gen Sasaki emerged victorious at the Asia Open to move from 241st to 190th, Soshi Utagawa continues to ascend the rankings, from 128th to 102nd, after finishing second, and Keita Takahashi has jumped 151 spots, from 461st to 310th, after placing third. Back on this side of the pond, Tyler Duncan is now in 98th after winning the Carinthia Open, Ben Smith is in 60th after taking second, and Connor Clayton is up 30 spots after placing third, while Nicholas Chenard is in 398th, Mathieu Dufresne is in 419th and Jacob Bélanger is in 438th after they placed first, second and third respectively at the Golden Crown OFR.

Katie Summerhayes (2nd), Kelly Sildaru (1st), Jamie Crane-Mauzy (3rd) at the SFR Tour Slopestyle Finals in La Clusaz, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Women's Slopestyle

On the ladies' side of things, the always impressive Kelly Sildaru, Katie Summerhayes and Jamie Crane-Mauzy retain their positions in 16th, 17th and 7th respectively after placing first, second and third at the SFR Tour, Julia Krass' breakout season continued with a win at The North Face Park and Pipe Open, which bumps her two spots up, from 11th to 9th, Jackie Kling is up six spots, from 46th to 40th, after finishing second, and Nadia Gonzales is up four, from 26th to 22nd, after rounding out the podium in third. At Snowcrown, Nikki Blackall is now in 10th thanks to her win, Cassie Sharpe pulled off a double podium (alongside her win in Halfpipe) in second to remain in 71st, as did Rachael Anderson, who has leapt 21 spots, from 65th to 44th. At the Asia Open, Yuna Koga maintains her spot in 88th following her win, Haruka Sugou is up four spots, from 94th to 90th, after placing second, and Reiko Oka is up 17, from 81st to 64th, after taking third. Meanwhile, at the Carinthia Open, Jenna Henry picked up the win to remain in 98th, Allison Perotti finished second, which bumps her 14 spots up, from 83rd to 69th, and Morgan Smith is now in 110th after placing third. Last but not least, Sophie Brubacher is now in 97th after winning the Golden Crown OFR, Sofia Tchervetsky remains in 103rd thanks to her second place performance, and Marie-Pierre Donaldson is now in 111th after taking third. 

Matt Crawford (2nd), Emile Bergeron (1st), Sandy Boville (3rd) at the Snowcrown Festival at Blue Mountain, Ontario. Photo by Richard Roth / Snowcrown

Big Air

In Big Air, only one competition took place amongst the six events, at Snow Crown, where Emile Bergeron got on the board in 50th thanks to his win, with Matt Crawford hot on his heels in both second at the event and 56th amongst the rankings, while Sandy Boville scored third to earn himself a place on the rankings in 62nd.


Amidst the Men's Overall Rankings, the only change to report in the top 20 is Simon d'Artois moving seven spots up, from 26th to 19th, and it's also worth noting that Riley Culver and Taylor Wilson have jumped from 69th to 40th and 94th to 44th respectively. In Women's Overall, Nikki Blackall has skyrocketed into the top 10, from 34th to 9th, while both Rachael Anderson and Cassie Sharpe have made massive ascents of their own, from from 76th to 16th and 54th to 19th.

That's all for now from the Association of Freeskiing Professionals, but stay tuned for another update next week on the three significant events that are about to take place, including the Platinum-ranked SFR Tour Halfpipe Finals in Tignes, France, the Gold-ranked Slopestyle World Cup in Corvatsch Silvaplana, Switzerland, and the Bronze-ranked Freestyle Ski Nationals at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.

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