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AFP World Rankings Update - March 12th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 12, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

It's time for a rather hefty update on the AFP World Rankings, as five events took place over the course of the last week on the AFP World Tour, including the second stop of the Gold-level SFR Tour in Vars, France, two Bronze-ranked U.S. Revolution Tour events in Sun Valley, Idaho (one of which was a make-up for the halfpipe portion of the previous week's stop in Mammoth that was cancelled due to bad weather), the Silver-ranked Iceland Winter Games in Akureyri, Iceland, and the Bronze-level Volkl Super Slope in Hukba, Japan.

Kris Atkinson (3rd), Broby Leeds (1st), Jacob Beebe (2nd) at the U.S. Rev Tour in Sun Valley, Idaho. Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing.

Men's Halfpipe

Of all the events, only the U.S. Rev Tour stop in Sun Valley consisted of halfpipe, where Broby Leeds prevailed at one of the two competitions, which helps him remain in 19th, with second place finisher Jacob Beebe jumping from 94th to 90th and Kris Atkinson moving two spots up, from 28th to 26th, after taking third. In the other event (which was the make-up for Mammoth), Jacob Beebe won, which helped contribute to his aforementioned rise in the rankings, while Trevor Hattabaugh placed second and move up a spot, from 41st to 40th, as did Birk Irving, who now sits in 38th after rounding out the podium in third. 

Simone Augspurger (3rd), Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, (1st), Abigale Hansen (2nd) at the U.S. Rev Tour in Sun Valley, Idaho. Photo courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing.

Women's Halfpipe

On the women's side of things, Abigale Hansen is up a spot to 18th after winning one of the pipe events at the U.S. Rev Tour, Mackenzie Wilson remains in 43rd after placing second, and Cassie Sharpe continues to climb the ladder, from 27th to 23rd, after finishing third. In the Mammoth make-up event, Jeanee Crane-Mauzy (who just missed the podium in fourth at the other event) jumps from 18th to 17th after taking the top spot, while Abigale Hansen made it a double podium in second to help her aforementioned ascent, and Simone Augspurger has moved three spots up, from 39th to 36th, after scoring the third step on the podium. 

Oystein Braten (2nd), McRae Williams (1st), Oscar Wester (3rd) at the SFR Tour in Vars, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Men's Slopestyle

In Men's Slopestyle, it was a busy week, with McRae Williams continuing to hold down the 3rd place position after his victory at the SFR Tour in Vars, France, while Oystein Braten is up three spots, from 32nd to 29th, after placing second, and Oscar Wester now sits in 20th after placing third. At the U.S. Rev Tour, Ethan Swadburg has moved from 75th to 69th thanks to his victory, Jonah Williams took second and is up 40 notches, from 388th to 348th, and Tim Ryan's third place performance has allowed him to move from 51st to 46th. Meanwhile, at the Iceland Winter Games, Siver Voll's win has caused him to jump from 302nd to 273rd, Jens Johnsen is up 271 spots, from 434th to 163rd, after placing second, and PK Hunder now sits in 22nd after taking third. And last but not least, at the Volkl Super Slope, Takumi Toyama claimed victory, and is up 412 spots as a result, from 680th to 268th, while Yuki Sato remains in 378th after placing second and Soshi Utagawa jumps from 208th to 122nd after taking third. 

Darian Stevens (2nd), Kelly Sildaru (1st), Tess Ledeux (3rd) at the SFR Tour in Vars, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Women's Slopestyle

On the women's front, Kelly Sildaru continues her climb up the ladder by jumping three spots, from 28th to 25th, after winning the SFR Tour in Vars, France, while Darian Stevens is up one, from 8th to 7th, after placing second, and Tess Ledeux is up eight, from 74th to 66th, after taking third. At the U.S. Rev Tour, hot on the heels of her victory at the Aspen/Snowmass Open, Emma Whitman emerged victorious once again, which has allowed to her to ascend four spots, from 23rd to 19th, Nikita Rubocki has jumped from 112th to 97th after placing second, and Hailey Cecie is up nine spots, from 79th to 70th, after rounding out the podium in third.


Amongst the Men's Overall Rankings, other than the general fluctuations that have occurred due to the 52-week rolling system, there are no overly significant changes to report in the top 20, but on the Women's Overall, it's very much worth noting that Jeanee Crane-Mauzy has jumped up another spot, from 6th into the top 5 in 5th, following her performance at the U.S. Rev Tour.

That's a wrap for this week's update from the Association of Freeskiing Professionals, but stay tuned for another early next week, which will take a look at the seven events that are transpiring over the course of the next week, including the Platinum-ranked SFR Tour stop in La Clusaz, France, the fourth and final stop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series at Heavenly, California, the Carinthia Freeski Open at Mount Snow, Vermont, Junior National Championships in Park City, Utah, the Snowcrown Ski Festival at Blue Mountain, Ontario, the Golden Crown OFR at Saint Bruno, Quebec and the second annual Asia Open at Getoukogen, Japan.

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