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AFP World Rankings Update - January 14th

Jan 14, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

In case you missed it, the second of three U.S. Grand Prix's went down this past weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado amidst some seriously challenging weather (which forced the cancellation of slopestyle finals, at which point the results from qualifiers were accepted as the event's final scores), so it's time for another update on the AFP World Rankings…

Mike Riddle (2nd), David Wise (1st), Kevin Rolland (3rd). Photo courtesy of US Freeskiing.

Men's Halfpipe

In Men's Halfpipe, David Wise is still maintaining the top spot following his win at Grand Prix, while Mike Riddle and Kevin Rolland continue to hold down 4th and 5th place after finishing second and third respectively. On the movement front, Aaron Blunck has been bumped down a spot from 2nd to 3rd after being forced to pull out of the Grand Prix due to a minor shoulder injury, while Canadians Noah Bowman and Justin Dorey have jumped up, with Bowman moving from 12th to 10th after placing ninth, while Dorey has made a significant leap from 24th to 11th following his sixth place performance (which bumps their teammate Matt Margetts, Taylor Seaton and Beau-James Wells all down one spot each). Also worth nothing is fellow Canadian Simon d'Artois' continued climb, as his seventh place finish has allowed him to move four spots up, from 20th to 16th.

Ayana Onozuka (2nd), Maddie Bowman (1st), Amy Sheehan (3rd). Photo courtesy of US Freeskiing.

Women's Halfpipe

On the ladies' side of things, Maddie Bowman's victory this weekend continues her reign atop the Women's Halfpipe Rankings, while Ayana Onozuka's silver medal showing has moved her from 4th to 2nd. Meanwhile, Anais Caradeux and Brita Sigourney have traded places (with Caradeux now in 4th and Sigourney in 5th), and Marie Martinod and Annalisa Drew (who placed 8th and 5th respectively at the Grand Prix) have each jumped up a spot (to 6th and 7th). The most significant movement came courtesy of Devin Logan, who continues to make a dramatic ascent in the rankings by moving up four spots (from 12th to 8th) after finishing seventh (which bumps Rosalind Groenewoud (who is currently on the sidelines following a double knee scope) down eight spots, from 2nd to 10th), and Amy Sheehan, who has moved from 18th to 14th after nabbing the third step on this past weekend's podium.

Men's Slopestyle

In Men's Slopestyle, Nick Goepper and Russ Henshaw continue to reign supreme in 1st and 2nd, while Gus Kenworthy's 7th place finish at the Grand Prix has allowed him to take over the 3rd place spot and bump James Woods and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand into 4th and 5th. Bobby Brown, who took the top spot at the Grand Prix, has jumped from 14th to 11th (which bumps Matt Walker, Willie Borm and PK Hunder all down a spot each to 12th, 13th and 14th respectively), and Henrik 'E-Dollo' Harlaut has been bumped from 18th to 15th. Also worth noting is Jesper Tjader moving from 31st to 18th following his second place showing, while third place finisher Kai Mahler has moved from 101st to 81st.

Slopestyle winners Keri Herman & Bobby Brown. Photo courtesy of US Freeskiing.

Women's Slopestyle

Amongst the ladies, Tiril Christiansen, Dara Howell, Maggie Voisin and Keri Herman (the latter of whom claimed victory at the Grand Prix) continue to hold down the top four, and the only major changes to report are Devin Logan jumping from 14th to 7th after placing third, Katie Summerhayes moving from 12th to 8th after placing 20th, and Kaya Tuski being bumped from 11th to 19th as we await her return to the competitive circuit. Also worth mentioning is Emma Dahlstrom (who placed second) jumping 24 spots, from 46th to 32nd.


On the Men's Overall side of things, Gus Kenworthy is still on top, and there are only some slight movements to report, as Lyman Currier has overtaken the 3rd place spot from Aaron Blunck, Bobby Brown has moved from 7th to 6th, and Henrik Harlaut has inched further into the top 10 by sitting comfortably in 9th. Meanwhile, in Women's Overall, Devin Logan continues to maintain 1st place, Jeanee Crane-Mauzy has jumped three spots (from 11th to 8th), Maggie Voisin is up two (from 15th to 13th) and Ayana Onozuka is up three spots as well (from 18th to 15th).

Stay tuned for another update on the AFP World Rankings following The North Face Park and Pipe Open in Whistler, BC (which began today), and then another at the conclusion of the final stop of the U.S. Grand Prix (which also happens to be the last Olympic Qualifier) this weekend in Park City, Utah.

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