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AFP World Rankings Update - February 19th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Feb 19, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

It's time for another short and sweet update on the AFP World Rankings, as while the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia continue to soldier on (congratulations to David Wise, Mike Riddle and Kevin Rolland on their gold, silver and bronze medals in yesterday's halfpipe event, and in case you're wondering, do note that the Olympics are not a part of the AFP World Tour), two events, including the Finnish Open, which was ranked Bronze, and the Norwegian Open, which was ranked Silver, took place over the course of the last week, and the results from both had a slight affect on the rankings…

Men's Slopestyle

Being that both the Finnish and Norwegian Opens consisted of Slopestyle and Big Air events only, there are no changes to report in the Halfpipe Rankings (aside from some general fluctuation as a result of the 52-week rolling system), but on the Men's Slopestyle side of things, Joona Kangas' victory at the Finnish Open has allowed him to jump up 65 spots on the rankings, from 186th to 121st, while second place finisher Anttu Oikkonen maintains his position in 43rd and Juha Mourujarvi gets on the board in 458th after placing third. At the Norwegian Open, Christian Nummedal's win has allowed him to make significant ascent up the rankings, from 537th to 311st, while second and third place finishers Martin Kvatningen and Robert Andre Ruud jump from 141st to 111th and 382nd to 191st, respectively.

Women's Slopestyle

Amongst the ladies, Roosa Parkkola's win at the Finnish Open allows her to remain in 119th, Vilma Warpenius is down 17 spots into 124th after placing second, and Wilma Lofgren moves from 57th to 62nd after rounding out the podium in third. Meanwhile, at the Norwegian Open, Johanne Killi continues to hold down 104th after picking up the win, Kelly Sildaru contines to climb the ladder, from 27th to 24th, after placing second, and third place finisher Vilde Johansen maintains her position in 108th.

Big Air

In Big Air, the incredibly talented Felix Stridsberg-Usterud's victory has bumped him up 97 spots, from 144th to 47th, while Martin Kvatningen (who pulled double duty in slopestyle and big air with two second place finishers) and Jens Johnsen both remain in 133rd and 139th respectively after placing second and third.


On the Overall Rankings, the only significant changes to report are the aforementioned Martin Kvatningen jumping from 165th to 141st, and Kelly Sildaru continuing the maintain her hold on the 20th place position.

That's all for now from the Association of Freeskiing Professionals, but stay tuned for what's sure to be another significant update, as two of the most popular open events of the year, the Aspen/Snowmass Open and the third stop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open, are both set to take place this coming weekend. 

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