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AFP World Rankings Update - March 27th

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Mar 27, 2014

Words: Jeff Schmuck

It's time for yet another update on the AFP World Rankings, this time as a result of the three events that took place over the course of the last week: The Platinum-ranked SFR Tour Halfpipe Finals in Tignes, France, the Gold-ranked FIS World Cup at Corvatsch Silvaplana, Switzerland, and the Bronze-ranked Freestyle Ski Nationals at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Benoit Valentin (2nd), Kevin Rolland (1st), Simon d'Artois (3rd), Wing Tai Barrymore (4th), Jon Anders Lindstad (5th) at the SFR Tour Halfpipe Finals in Tignes, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Men's Halfpipe

In Men's Halfpipe, Kevin Rolland has overtaken the lead on the Men's Halfpipe Rankings thanks to his victory at the SFR Tour, while second and third place finishers Benoit Cormier and Simon d'Artois remain in 9th and 8th respectively. It's also worth noting that Aaron Blunck, who placed seventh at the event, has moved into 2nd, which bumps David Wise down to 3rd, while Lyman Currier and Mike Riddle have traded places, with Currier now in 4th and Mike Riddle in 5th. Meanwhile, at the Freestyle Ski Nationals, Brendan MacKay emerged victorious, which has bumped him from 26th to 24th, Kris Atkinson is up two spots as well, from 25th to 23rd, after placing second, and Ty Schulte has moved one spot up into 35th after taking third.

Brita Sigourney (2nd), Marie Martinod (1st), Anais Caradeux (3rd) at the SFR Tour Halfpipe Finals in Tignes, France. Photo by Nico Schlosser / SFR Freestyle Tour

Women's Halfpipe

Amongst the ladies' pipe efforts, Marie Martinod prevailed at her home ski hill of Tignes at the SFR Tour, which actually bumps her down two spots into 4th (as it replaces her first place result from last year's European X Games), Brita Sigourney moves from 3rd to 2nd after claiming the second step on the podium, and Anais Caradeux is now in 6th after rounding out the podium in third. At Freestyle Ski Nationals, Cassie Sharpe scored her third victory in a row to remain in 22nd, as does second place finisher Emma Stevens in 69th, and Rachael Anderson jumps five spots, from 44th to 39th, after making another podium appearance in third.

Men's Slopestyle

In Men's Slopestyle, Jesper Tjader continued his impressive season by picking up the win at the FIS World Cup at Corvatsch Silvaplana, Switzerland (which was a Slopestyle only event), which has allowed him to ascend from 14th to 11th, Noah Wallace is up three spots, from 19th to 16th, after placing second, and Christian Nummedal moves from 275th to 129th after scoring his first major podium of the year in third. At Freestyle Ski Nationals, Mark Hendrickson is up two spots, from 56th to 54th thanks to his win, Dylan Marineau jumps 47 spots, from 189th to 142nd, after scoring second, and Tyson Oland goes from 104th to 92nd thanks to placing third.

Women's Slopestyle

On the women's side of things, Lisa Zimmerman claimed victory at the FIS World Cup, which allows her to remain in 19th, Emma Dahlstrom is now in 34th after ending up in second, and Camillia Berra climbs from 34th to 23rd after nabbing third. Meanwhile, Cassie Sharpe made it two-for-two at Freestyle Ski Nationals to jump from 70th to 65th, Elena Gaskell remains in 109th after placing second, and Rachael Anderson, who also scored her second podium of the weekend, is up four spots, from 44th to 40th.


And on the Overall Rankings, aside from the general fluctuations that have occurred as a result of last year's European X Games results falling off as a result of the 52-week rolling system, the only significant change to report amongst the top 20 in the men's division is Simon d'Artois moving three spots up, from 15th to 12th, while amidst the ladies, Cassie Sharpe has cracked the top 10 by ascending from 18th to 7th, Sabrina Cakmakli has made a massive leap of 25 spots, from 34th to 9th, and Rachael Anderson has jumped four spots, from 16th to 12th.

That's all for now in regards to the AFP World Rankings, but stay tuned for another update next week following the Platinum-ranked Dumont Cup in Sunday River, Maine and the Gold-ranked European Open in Laax, Switzerland, both of which will surely and significantly shake up the rankings.

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