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Nov 5, 2014

This summer, the AFP spent considerable resources updating our Judging Education and Certification Platform. This new, web-based platform at will offer more accessibility and convenience, as well as an enhanced platform for management, communication and scheduling.

Why spend the resources on this? Because judging is a crucial component to the success and growth of our sport. With a community of talented, educated and passionate judges, the future of our sport is bright. Much like the AFP's ranking system lays out a clear progression path for athletes to pursue their competitive skiing goals, we need a similar path created for judges – a path that gets individuals involved, shows them how they progress and grow as a judge, and ultimately where that path can lead – judging the best freeskiing athletes in the world at AFP Platinum Level events.

To gain access to, sign up for an AFP Affiliate Membership by clicking here. For an annual $25 fee, you will receive access to the AFP Judges Directory, Judging Resources, and Clinic Materials.

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