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AFP Athletes Rankings Display

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Jan 21, 2015

Calling all athletes… The Association of Freeskiing Professionals announces that effective today, any and all athletes that are currently not registered AFP members will no longer be publicly visible on the AFP World Tour Rankings.

This subtle change will in no way affect the rankings themselves, as while the names and rankings of non-registered athletes will not be visible to the public, their rankings will remain in tact (and will be reported on accordingly in our forthcoming rankings updates), as the Association of Freeskiing Professionals is strongly committed to supporting all athletes who compete on the AFP World Tour.

As a result of this, we wholeheartedly encourage any and all non-registered AFP members to register or renew your membership now (at a cost of $35 per year, which will be utilized to improve the AFP World Tour), as doing so will give you access to create your own profile (which will automatically include your past, present and future results), allow you, your sponsors, event organizers, fans and the public at large the opportunity to see where you stand on the AFP World Tour Rankings, and provide youwith a free subscription to Freeskier Magazine and a POW membership.

To register or renew your AFP membership, click here.

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