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2015/2016 AFP World Tour Changes

Author: Jeff Schmuck
Aug 26, 2015

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media channels over the past week (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram + #AFPWorldTour), you’ll have noticed that we’ve announced three pieces of athlete-related news and changes that will applied to this year’s AFP World Tour. 

These updates, like our recent announcements about Bronze-level sanctioning changes and the AFP Junior Rankings, came about following internal discussions after a number of conversations with industry figures, program directors, coaches, and most importantly (as always), the athletes who will benefit from them. 

So in case you missed them, here’s the summary of a trio of important updates on the 2015/2016 AFP World Tour…

Event Number Reduction

Beginning now, the number of events counting towards the Men's Global Rankings in Halfpipe and Slopestyle will be reduced from an athlete’s top 5 results to their top 4. Note that Big Air will remain unchanged at 4.

Platinum Level Events Value

Moving forward, all Platinum-level events will be worth 1,000 AFP rankings points. This is a change from years past, where Platinum Events were worth between a range of 925 and 1,000 points. Note that you will first notice this change once the results from this week’s Winter NZ Games (the first Platinum-level event of the 2015/2016 World Tour) are implemented into the AFP Global Rankings. 

Athlete Injury Flag

This season, we will be implementing an injury flag option for athletes who are injured during the course of the season and unable to complete. This injury flag option will appear on athlete profiles (and it will be each athlete’s responsibility to update it), and will alert the public to the fact that the athlete was injured on a specified date and has been unable to compete and earn AFP points during their injury period. While AFP points and rankings positions will not be frozen as a result of this, it will be a proactive way for an athlete to communicate his or her status.

As always, the Association of Freeskiing Professionals values your feedback, so if you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at anytime…

Andrew Gauthier – World Tour Manager

Eric Zerrenner – Executive Director

Jeff Schmuck – Communications Director

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