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Frostgun Invitational  

2/26/14 - 2/28/14 at Val d'Isere
AFP Platinum Event

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18 People Competing

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Big Air

The childish and dreamlike state, where one believes that one can truly fly, disappears with adulthood and all of the sudden your common sense sets up limitations for ones imagination. It comes to a state where you get embarrassed just for humming along when you are listening to your iPod on the bus.

But there are some people who don't worry about these things, no matter their age. These people are the true Supermen of our everyday lives. FROSTGUN is an event created especially for those brave supermen. At FROSTGUN they are allowed to shoot fire, fly high, act all crazy and attract all the attention they want. FROSTGUN is for athletes who dare to be different and who dare to be the one who flies highest and furthest. The event is all about motivating and inspiring one another by doing the things you do best.

And it works. The FROSTGUN events have always been dominated by great atmosphere, highflying freestylers and smiling people wherever your eyes come to rest. Every year we work hard to establish this arena for present-day superheroes, but the crowd loves every minute of it, and therefore we keep doing it. And if you are up for the task of letting out your inner superhero, then consider yourself invited!
26 / 27 / 28 - FEB. 18.00 - 21.00 CET


BP 228
Val d'Isère, RA 73150
LO: 41°   HI: 43° Wind: West at 6 MPH
Humidity: 93%
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