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World Skiing Invitational & AFP World Championships

AFP Platinum Event
This entry system is for the Winter Games NZ AFP Freeski Big Air event only. Please note that the Halfpipe and Slopestyle are also FIS World Cups, so entry is managed by your national association (not via this entry system). Please email for more information. Invitations and event schedules can be found at
Big Air
1st Gus Kenworthy US
2nd Vincent Gagnier CA
3rd Russ Henshaw AU
4th Bobby Brown US
5th James Woods GB
6th Torin Yater-Wallace US
8th Kai Mahler CH
9th Joss Christensen US
10th Jacob Wester SE
11th Alex Schlopy US
12th David Wise US
13th Antti Ollila FI
14th Henrik Harlaut SE
15th Jossi Wells NZ
16th PK Hunder NO
17th Joe Schuster US
18th Willie Borm US
19th Charles Gagnier CA
20th Jonas Hunziker CH
21st Aaron Blunck US
22nd Benoit Valentin FR
23rd Noah Morrison CA
24th Nick Goepper US
25th Dane Tudor US
26th Tom Wallisch US
27th Colby West US
1st Mike Riddle CA
2nd Thomas Krief FR
3rd Joss Christensen US
4th Torin Yater-Wallace US
5th Jossi Wells NZ
6th Joffrey Pollet Villard FR
7th AJ kemppainen FI
8th Hunter Visser CA
9th Alexander Ferreira US
10th Noah Bowman CA
11th Matt Margetts CA
12th Justin Dorey CA
13th Walter Wood US
14th Christian Allen US
15th Benoit Valentin FR
16th Beau-James Wells NZ
17th Gus Kenworthy US
18th Sam Thackray CA
19th Aaron Blunck US
20th Dan Marion US
21st Simon D'Artois CA
22nd Xavier Bertoni FR
23rd Garett Northey CA
24th Rob Heule CA
25th Patrick Baskins US
26th Kiyoshi Terada JP
28th Brendan MacKay CA
29th Colby Stevenson US
30th Kris Atkinson CA
31st Taylor Wilson CA
32nd Lukas Bowman CA
33rd Mitchell Wilson CA
34th Frederick Iliano US
35th Mike Schumacher US
36th Reid McEachran CA
37th Peter Olenick US
38th Peter Crook US
39th Nils Lauper US
40th Lyman Currier US
41st Billy Mann US
42nd Colter Brehmer US
43rd Stephen Jefferies CA
Did you go?
When: 4/18/12 - 4/22/12 (44 months ago)
Where: Whistler / Blackcomb
4545 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC V0N 1B4
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